We provide services that ensure business continuity. In today's world, Internet connectivity is not optional. We have multiple solutions that make sure you stay connected in the case of Primary ISP failure, ensuring that businesses can continue operations with minimal interruption, if any.

Our solutions are considered Hardware As A Service (Haas) and require a monthly subscription that covers the data plans, remote management, software updates, and hardware replacement. Contracts to provide long term fixed costs are available. Metered plans are not available with the Datto Networking Appliance.

Datto DNA

Internet Failover: Unlimited Data

  • Datto Networking Appliance with unlimited data use
  • LTE Failover Service
  • Unified Threat Management
    • Firewall
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Intrusion Prevention
    • Advanced VPN
  • Dual Gigabit WAN
  • 8 cores, 802.11AC external antennas, LTE external antennas
  • Built in CAT4 LTE modem
  • Not mobile

MIFI Hotspot Router

Internet Failover: Custom Plans

  • Custom LTE router solution
  • LTE-Advanced Radio
  • Router Capabilities
    • Open Source compatible hardware
    • VPN capable
    • Firewall
    • Adblocking
    • Load Balancing
  • Dual 100Mbps WAN
  • Single core, Internal 802.11N antenna, internal LTE antenna
    • External MIMO LTE antennas optional
  • Built in CAT4 LTE modem
  • Can also function as a mobile hotspot, built in battery with 4+ hour battery life

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