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Wireless Technology goes everywhere you go. It has become increasingly popular for use at Trade shows, Kiosks, Fairs and for use by Mobil Merchants. Your business may even expand its current payment capabilities by taking advantage of this technology using your computer, wireless phone or GPRS terminals.

Wireless Credit Card terminals use GPRS Technology. The terminal communicates like a cellar phone sending packets of information via the gateway to the processor for authorizations. All wireless terminals have a virtual terminal for direct access and implementation of information, sales and reporting.

The Nurit 8000 was specifically designed with the restaurant and delivery business industries in mind; Lightweight, hand-held wireless terminal with integrated thermal printer. The unit features all the same functionality as its larger cousins, but in a much smaller package. The unit is so easy to use that your customers can complete their own transactions without letting their credit card go out of sight.

CoCard of Maryland also offers the same customer support for Wireless service as any other. Request a quote today and see how our representatives can assist you in obtaining the right service for your business at the least cost.

We are here to assist you in defining your electronic payments needs. If you have any questions, please contact us at or (877) 227-6679.

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