Traditional Credit Card Processing

At CoCard we offer a unique pricing structure called Interchange Plus. The price you pay will be customized for your business based on cost instead of pricing that is grouped based on criterion set for each tier such as 3-tiered pricing used by almost 99% of all merchants. The difference between the two pricing structures looks much like the chart on the right.

The 3 bars in the 3-tiered pricing model represent Qualified, Mid-qualified, and Non-qualified rates. You will be charged one of these 3 rates per transaction based on whether a credit card is swiped, goes through AVS, or is keyed. in. Other factors which affect the assigned tier are whether the card is a corporate, business or rewards card.

A basic Visa or MasterCard swipe transaction typically is charged at Qualified Rate, a Non-swipe, Keyed, Rewards, Corporate, and/or International Card could cause a transaction to be surcharged to a Mid-Qualified or Non-Qualified status.

Interchange Plus, which is typically only offered to high volume merchants, is a cost effective pricing system available to any merchant today. Besides providing the lowest available transaction fee we also charge the lowest set markup which also includes your processor’s rate.


Credit Card Processing Today...

Today, what the market is asking for? Cash Discounting/Surcharging, what is Surcharging? Surcharging is where the customer pays the processing fees the merchant pays Nothing, No Month fees, No Terminal fees and in some case the POS system is included…

Why settle for Three-tiered Pricing when you can have Multi-tiered Pricing?
Understand your pricing method, then ask for the best pricing available!

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