Take control of the Internet without
taking a bite out of your profits!

Expanding your sales through the Internet may seem like a complex and confusing process. Let CoCard of Maryland spearhead the process and turn your business into a 24/7 operation. Three primary components are necessary:

  • A competitive Internet MO/TO merchant account.

  • A secure internet gateway that provides a “virtual terminal”, real time reporting and management toolsets.

  • A fully enabled shopping cart or active pay buttons.

CoCard of Maryland will put together the best combination of these components for you.

The process is quick, easy, secure, and affordable. And we are there every step of the way.

We utilize Internet Gateway products from nationally recognized providers and would recommend and implement the product that provides the right solution for your business. Our gateways are:


It is a very reliable gateway that provides solid management and risk control features. It can be modified to meet specific needs, and resides on a separate server. If you have an e-Commerce site with the expectation of 1,000 plus transactions per month, this may be the engine that meets your needs.

AUTHORIZE.NET Authorize.net

It is a solid gateway that gives good overall support and is of good value. An Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account enables you to authorize, settle, and manage credit card and electronic check payments, ideal for ecommerce and mobile merchants. This is a quality gateway with feature rich toolsets and user friendly integration features. Authorize.net has great Connection Methods for retail, MOTO and Ecommerce followed by customer support for all categories. Merchant Interface allows for a Virtual Terminal/Batch Upload Security and Compliance Simple Checkout. They also have a Verified Merchant Seal, Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS), Value-Adding Products, Automated Recurring Billing, Customer Information Manager, eCheck.NetR, Advanced Fraud Detection Suite, Third-Party Solutions Merchant Toolbox, Certified Solutions, Shopping Carts, Point-of-Sale Solutions, Kiosks, MOTO Software, and Mobile Devices.

CoCard’s Gateway

It is a secure, browser based, state of the art gateway. It provides the tools to develop secure, reliable, and cost effective transaction pathways from your web site to their terminal. You can manage payment transactions anywhere, any time.

These products provide much more than a secure gateway for e-Commerce. They can be designed to become complete management systems for your business. Let CoCard of Maryland design the most cost effective business system for you and stand behind the results.

We are here to assist you in defining your electronic payments needs. If you have any questions, please contact us at sales@cocardmd.com, call us Toll Free at (877) 277-6679 or fill out our Request a Quote form.

Thanks for your interest in CoCard Marketing Group – Let Us Earn Your Trust.

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