Leading edge EMV payment integration solution for Oracle’s Micros RES 3700, 9700 and Simphony line of POS systems. Features and highlights of our best-in-class EMV integration solution for the Oracle® Hospitality / Micros RES 3700, 9700 and Simphony POS include:

  • Removes the Micros system from the scope of PCI DSS and Visa’s QIR mandate
  • Reduces merchants' PCI DSS Scope to SAQ B-IP
  • Isolates cardholder data to purpose built payment devices which sends that data directly to the Paygistix Gateway via an encrypted TLS channel
  • Provides immediate support for both contact and contactless Micros EMV and NFC transactions including Apple Pay®, Android Pay® and other NFC enabled mobile wallets
  • Utilizes tokenization so the Micros POS system never touches or sees real cardholder data allowing for tip adjustments on Micros EMV Chip transactions (including Chip and PIN transactions)
  • Real-time online access to transaction data with the ability to perform maintenance functions such as adjusting transactions, issuing full or partial refunds and running repeat sales. Never again will a store manager have to contact an upstream provider to recover a dropped authorization!
  • Never-go-offline solution includes built-in automatic 3G wireless failover in the event of an internet outage
  • Supports a traditional table service workflow with PIN Bypass capability, integrated Micros Pay-at-the-Table workflow with wireless payment devices, customer self-checkout workflow via our web-based application and a traditional QSR workflow
  • Micros Pay-at-the-Table receipt options include Print Receipt, SMS Text Receipt, or No Receipt. SMS Text Receipt includes payment receipt and itemized Micros POS receipt.
  • Optional survey at the end of the Micros Pay-at-the-Table workflow to rate the dining experience. Immediate SMS text notification to manager on duty with link to itemized POS receipt for any negative ratings.

EMV Chip Card Readers for Micros 3700, 9700 and Simphony

Traditional Table Service Workflow:

SP30 | S80 | D210S

QSR Workflow:

MT30 | S300

Pay-at-the-Table Workflow:


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