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CoCard of Maryland strives to provide the best and most affordable of electronic payment products and services available. We offer a professional proposal targeted specifically to your business needs – a proposal that is unique to the industry.

We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor and integrate the right mix of services to meet your current and near-term needs. Our products and services are designed to increase your sales and expand your profits. To accomplish our commitment to you, we have built a number of strategic alliances and partnerships that enable you to tap into a spectrum of products and services related to electronic payments. We encourage you to consider the many options designed to make your payment processing more efficient, reliable, and cost effective.

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Smart Gateway that process Level II and III automatically!

Saves Non Profits estimated 25% in processing fees-FACT

We have gateways specifically for Churches, schools, that have the ability to charge convivence fees (common in other industries) lowering merchants overall cost (as much as 100%) promoting cash transactions. All gateways have "ACH" capability.

FACT, interchange rates and associated fee structures for nearly 350 interchange categories on today’s market are established. As an example, few merchants know the interchange rates are set universally for Visa and MasterCard and do not adjust for any banks. This means that large banks and Independent Sales Organizations (ISO) all pay the same rate to Visa and MasterCard. What differs is within the terms of the merchant account services agreement negotiated with the many different providers. Knowing the exact interchange rate required by Visa/MasterCard allows a merchant to carefully consider whether their current rates are fair, or, is their provider charging them too much?

Visa and MasterCard can be broken into three sections, Swipe, Non-Swipe and Special Interest. Of the current 350 plus interchange fees, each offers different rates and fees depending the card type, use and industry. As an example, Visa and MasterCard alone have fifteen different rewards cards. Each of these cards offer different fees for Schools, Non-for-Profit and the list goes on. Merchants have been exposed to unnecessary confusion and border-line trickery for many years.

Accepting credit card payments offers significant benefits to independent schools. At the same time, there are legitimate concerns that may be holding you back. If you rigorously compare providers and start small in your implementation plans, you can put most of your concerns to rest and start reaping the advantages.

School business officers appreciate what credit card acceptance can do for their school:

  1. 1. Happier parents
  2. 2. Time savings
  3. 3. Increased donations
  4. 4. Greater insight
  5. 5. Improved cash flow

Equip your school or educational institute with the way of the future with secure payment processing by Cocard. Our one-of-a-kind Cocard Gateway is a top-notch choice for schools, because it comes with all the flexibility you need to provide your community with simple payment options for everything from tuition to donations. Let CoCard set you up with the best online payment system for public school systems, private schools, universities, vocational schools and or other education-focused organization.

Cocard is a top-ranked pick for schools and educational institutions who want to be able to:

  • Easily setup payment processing for tuition and fees
  • Allow alumni and benefactors to make regular or one-time charitable donations
  • Create unique online fundraising campaigns
  • Setup simple payments for sports, fieldtrips and more
  • Create an online store for school merchandise and gear

Secure, Safe and Trusted

  • PCI Compliant — Payment Credit Card Industry (PCI) Compliant, so we must keep up to date with the latest data security standards.
  • EMV-Focused — EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) movement, which is the movement behind integrated microprocessor chips. We believe that EMV cards are one of the ways to a safer, more secure online payment experience.
  • Payment Tokenization — Payers’ information will be safe and secure with this technology, which creates a numeric substitute for a primary account number in order to deter third parties from obtaining financial information. Payment tokenization is also very helpful for making recurring payments for students on tuition payment plans.

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