At CoCard of Maryland we understand the importance of next day funding, fast transaction (IP), auto settlement and customer service. Not only do we provide all of the services above but our customer service is not just limited to telephone support but we also provide hardware support as well. In the hospitality world, time, accuracy and zero tolerance for failure is critical. By utilizing WI/FI technology through CoCard of Maryland you insure your customers fast and reliable customer service.

Are you aware that there are certain credit card processors that work with “Point of Sale” systems better than other credit card processors? In the hospitality world, there is nothing more critical than the integration of the POS system and your credit card processing service. Ask us the difference between Host Based vs, Terminal Based systems! If there is a failure between your POS and the credit card processor, it will happen on your busiest nights! Is that a risk worth taking?

VX 520
VX 520


We are here to assist you in defining your electronic payments needs. If you have any questions, please contact us at, call us Toll Free at (877) 277-6679 or fill out our Request a Quote form.

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